Gestern ist mit jQuery 1.6.3 das dritte Minor-Release von jQuery 1.6 veröffentlicht worden und verbessert unter anderem die Unterstützung von HTML 5,  auch eine Cross-site scripting (XSS)-Lücke wurde geschlossen.

Weitere Informationen zu dem gestrigen Release könnten ihr dem untenstehenden Changelog oder auf entnehmen.

Download: jQuery 1.6.3 Minified und Gzipped
Download: jQuery 1.6.3 Unkomprimiert

jQuery 1.6.3

Changelog von jQuery 1.6.3


  • #9255: jQuery.parseXML error handling does not work in webkit browsers
  • #9854: Pass statusText through instead of “normalizing” it
  • #9887: jQuery.ajaxSetup may cause unnecessary memory usage
  • #9970: Typo in ajax.js: status should be jqXHR.status?
  • #10098: Encode comment-like Accept headers to avoid mobile carrier mangling


  • #9630: foo.contents().hasClass() returns incorrect value
  • #9699: removeAttr(‘style’) does not consistently remove the style attribute in webkit
  • #9719: removeAttr(‘disabled’) doesn’t change input’s color on IE6
  • #9979: .prop(‘tabIndex’) returns inconsistent results for elements that have not yet set tabIndex
  • #9980: Simplify the attr code by using getAttributeNode for everything in IE6/7


  • #9988: Minimal License Header in compressed jQuery


  • #9521: XSS with $(location.hash) and $(#) is needed?
  • #9897: try-catch isPlainObject detection
  • #10076: $.inArray crashes IE6 and Chrome if second argument is `null` or `undefined`


  • #6652: Remove filter:alpha(opacity=100) after animation
  • #9572: Support -ms-transform in .css() method
  • #10021: Can’t add negative numbers using the relative-value syntax with .css() and .animate()


  • #8235: throws a script error in certain circumstances
  • #9318: HTML5 data attributes has strange behaviour with if attribute names contain numbers
  • #9413: $.fn.removeData does not remove data with a dash in a name
  • #9779: Allow non-null|undefined evaluation of data property values
  • #9794: correctly handle access to arbitrary data property values
  • #10016: Cannot retrieve “false-y” values under key names with dashes using method
  • #10080: unload from frame’s window breaks in IE8


  • #10123: .width() can return a float in Firefox 6


  • #9381: Animations halt when the browser is out of focus due to requestAnimationFrame
  • #9678: setInterval cleared by animation


  • #7071: Accessing the ‘type’ property on VML elements fails on IE during submit special handler


  • #9587: Cloning a div with an object causes error in IE8


  • #9634: Visible “t” character in upper left corner during support.js init
  • #9823: IE 8 crashes when using background-image on BODY in css
  • #9964: test/support.js module strictEqual typo
  • #10029: $.support.scriptEval removed, but still included in documentation

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